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Learning is done with each other and from each other, your whole life. The training programmes of the School of Creative Thinking are practical and experiential. They are packed with interaction and you can apply what you’ve learned right away.

We offer training programmes that will enable you to come up with original solutions for complex and uncommon issues, to facilitate the creative mindset and to accomplish sustainable change as a creative leader.

Creativity is a multifaceted phenomenon. This is reflected in our team of trainers. The courses are taught by professionals from various disciplines, including Design Thinking, Product Innovation, Organizational Change, Leadership, Group Dynamics, Deep Democracy and Multiple Intelligences.

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Everyone is creative. Creative thinking is inherent in humanity, it makes us unique. The trick is to put your creativity to good use. And to recognize situations in which creative thinking is needed.

Our courses are for anyone who is curious about applied creativity and creative leadership. For professionals who want to facilitate the creative mindset to guide groups to innovative solutions. And for those who have a leading role in achieving sustainable change.

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Are you looking for more background in the theory or science of creative thinking? Or curious about the experiences of participants in our courses? We regularly publish stories, experiences and book reviews. As well as announcements of inspiring events where you can boost your creativity.

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School of Creative Thinking

In the late 1970s, two professors of the University of Antwerp were convinced that applying creative thinking was necessary for the opportunities and problems the world was facing. They started the Center for the Development of Creative Thinking (COCD). In the 21st century, the center has evolved into the School of Creative Thinking with a team of experienced professionals and a large international network. And we still believe that creativity helps you with change. Whether it concerns being resilient and flexible, coming up with solutions for complex problems and uncommon situations or aiming for a sustainable result. You need your creativity. We help you to rely on it.

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