Business executives consider it the most essential characteristic of leadership in the 21st Century. Psychologists consider it the highest form of self-actualization. Today educators consider it the highest expressions of learning. While creativity may once have been considered a pleasant novelty, today creative problem solving is a 21st century survival skill.

The need for creative thinking & complex problem solving is high and the demand for creativity professionals is increasing. CAI’s graduate program in Creativity and Change Leadership might be the right fit to respond to that need.

Oldest graduate program on the science of creativity

Full time faculty contributing to seminal research in the field of creativity

Integrated in an international network of researchers, educators and creativity professionals

MSc in Creativity and Change Leadership in Europe CRS 670

Want to join in 2024?

CAI’s Master program in Creativity and Change Leadership in Europe is a mix of distance (online) and seated courses. Seated courses are offered in a Summer School of two weeks. The distance courses are a blend of assignments, working in subgroups and online group discussions.

Once a year a cohort starts in the summer and proceeds through all the courses of the Certificate program together as a learning community.

In 2023 there won’t be a new cohort in the Netherlands. We are exploring the option to establish a cohort in Denmark in 2024.

Can’t wait? Check the program in Buffalo, which is 100% online.

The program provided me with very important life skills of creativity that can be applied in any situation where new thinking and new perspectives are relevant, and that is almost anywhere. Florian Rustler