You will start with the graduate Certificate program which consists of six courses. The Certificate program is a combination of distance (online) courses and seated courses based in the Netherlands. The Master program includes one required distance course, three elective courses and a Master’s project as a capstone course.

* Note that the schedule is tentative. Course schedule may be subject to change depending on enrollments and other circumstances beyond our control.

Required courses

MSc in Creativity and Change Leadership in Europe CRS 559

Summer 2022 - on-site

Principles in Creative Problem Solving

This course focuses on developing creative potential and on learning to use the basic functions of the creative process individually and with groups. You will gain insights in how to develop and maintain an affirmative attitude toward change and novelty.

CRS 559

MSc in Creativity and Change Leadership in Europe CRS 610

Summer 2022 - on-site

Facilitation of Group Problem Solving

In this course you will develop a deeper understanding of and practice in facilitating creative problem solving in small groups. You will explore connections between the art of facilitation and the concept of leadership. The course emphasizes the application of the Creative Problem Solving (CPS) framework and tools.

CRS 610

MSc in Creativity and Change Leadership in Europe CRS 620

Fall 2022 - online

Creativity Assessment: Methods and Resources

This course examines general assessment and research methods. You will learn to understand and evaluate a research study. The course is designed to provide an overview of instruments and procedures used to assess creative ability, products, and environment.

CRS 620

MSc in Creativity and Change Leadership in Europe CRS 670

Spring 2023 - online

Foundations in Teaching and Training Creativity

This course focuses on practice and skill development of creative problem solving and leadership to target opportunities for which there is a need for imagination, a desire for change, and the decision making authority to initiate change.

CRS 670

MSc in Creativity and Change Leadership in Europe CRS 560

Summer 2023 - on-site

Foundations of Creative Learning

This course is designed as an introduction to select methods, models, and theories of creativity. The focus is on knowledge and understanding of creative models and theories. Through this orientation to theoretical perspectives you will develop a vocabulary relating to the knowledge base of creativity.

CRS 560

MSc in Creativity and Change Leadership in Europe CRS 635

Summer 2023 - on-site

Creativity and Change Leadership

This is the capstone course of the Certificate program. In this course students weave together all their theoretical and practical knowledge of creativity, creative problem solving, and change leadership. They also envision their future contributions to the field of creativity.

CRS 635

MSc in Creativity and Change Leadership in Europe CRS 625

Fall 2023 - online

Current Issues in Creative Studies

This course provides an in-depth survey of current issues on the nature and nurture of creativity. The focus is on skill development in research and scholarship that will increase the critical thinking skills and general content literacy of creativity practitioners in any discipline.

CRS 625

MSc in Creativity and Change Leadership in Europe CRS 690

Spring 2024 - online

Master’s project

As a culminating experience, students work on their Master’s project. The Master’s Project is an application of creative problem solving, change leadership, and facilitation skills to a change initiative that could have a direct impact either on the community or for the field of creativity.

CRS 690

Elective courses

Elective courses are courses that can be chosen freely, provided that CAI’s faculty approves the course. You must complete a total of three electives by the end of the Master program. You might want to deepen your knowledge and strengths on a specific subject, develop your research skills or perhaps join a creativity conference. Just some options you can choose as an elective course.



Seated courses are offered in a Summer School of two weeks in the Netherlands. The online (distance) courses are a blend of assignments, working in subgroups and online group discussions. This graduate program is a part time study. During the online (distance) courses, most students spend an average of 8-12 hours a week on course work. After admission you will become a student at Buffalo State, State University of New York (SUNY). 

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