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Who are the courses intended for?

Leadership is not tied to a hierarchical function. The Creative Leadership courses are for anyone who wants to delve into creative leadership or who has a leading role in change. People who are in charge of or will be conducting an innovative process, in which you have to deal with complex and uncommon issues. Executives, managers, team and project leaders who want to know how to create a climate that encourages new ideas and solutions.

What does it yield?

The Creative Leadership courses make you aware of how creative thinking contributes to the effectiveness of leadership. You will learn how to create an optimal climate for change. You will be introduced to a number of strategies that inject creative thinking into your leadership style. By sharing experiences with others and through self-reflection, you will experience how your attitude and behavior impacts the productivity of your team. You will gain insights into what you want to adapt and adopt to lead a successful creative change.

School of Creative Thinking - Opleidingen op maat

Custom-made programmes

Do you prefer to pursue a training programme together with your colleagues? Or is a custom-made program required? We are happy to provide a training programme that suits your organisation perfectly. An in-company training can be provided on location, live online or in a hybrid format. Contact the School of Creative Thinking to discuss the options.

School of Creative Thinking: Praktisch, op een fundament van wetenschap

Practical, on a foundation of science

School of Creative Thinking: Eigentijds, in de wijsheid van 45 jaar ervaring

Modern, in the wisdom of 45 years of experience

School of Creative Thinking: Eigentijds, in de wijsheid van 45 jaar ervaring

Open-minded, with direction from structure and detail

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