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The Creative Leadership Advanced program helps you to develop the mindset of a leader of change. Over the course of six modules you will gather a set of techniques and skills that are necessary to take up a leading role for accomplishing a change in your organisation. Because the ability to think differently, to approach problems in unique ways and to respond rapidly to change is the key to innovation that organisations world-wide are seeking.

Each module addresses an essential aspect of leading a robust change and the relationship between leadership, creativity and innovation. You will explore and deepen your understanding of how creative thinking contributes to the effectiveness of leadership. And in what that means for the influence you have. You will learn how you can develop a working climate in which creative change is stimulated You will practise with recognising different types of issues and whether they require a creative approach or a need for a different balance. And what proper tools you might apply to address such an issue. You will gain insight into the interplay of individuals, process and environment. And how the interaction creates the conditions for a successful change. In which it is important to bring up differences, to make the voice of the minority heard and thus to use the wisdom of the whole group. Finally, you will focus on routes you can deploy to purposefully steer to creating momentum and enthusiasm for adoption of the change.

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  • After pursuing this training program you will have tips and grips in rendering visible your team's different preferred styles thus enhancing team collaboration in an innovation trajectory.
  • You will have expanded your solution-oriented ability with ways to pilot opposite aspects to a healthy balance.
  • You will recognise the issues that require a creative approach and know how to switch on your team’s solution-oriented mindset toward a useful, concrete solution.
  • You will know how to develop a working environment that stimulates creative change.
  • You have practiced accelerating the adoption of a change and managing the complexity associated with the transition from a new solution to a successful innovation.
  • You will know how to bring the interaction to a constructive flow by bringing up differences, making all voices heard, and using the wisdom of the whole group.
  • You will receive a certificate of participation that carries the endorsement of the Center for Applied Imagination, Buffalo State University, State University of New York.

You can register for one or more modules. If you register for multiple modules at the same time, you will receive a discount.

For whom?

This course is intended for anyone who wants to learn about creative leadership or who has a leading role in a change, independent of one’s hierarchical postion.

People who have or are going to take the reins in an innovative trajectory, dealing with complex and not everyday issues.

Executives, managers, team and project leaders who want to know how to develop a climate that stimulates new ideas and solutions.

Participants in this training program have roles as a manager, project leader, team leader, consultant and/or coach or are responsible for initiating and gaining support for a sustainable change.

In order to participate in the modules of the Advanced Creative Leadership, it is required to have pursued the Introduction Creative Leadership at the School of Creative Thinking.


The Advanced Creative Leadership program is a course consisting of six in-depth modules. It is possible to register separately for each module.

- Building Innovative Teams

This module will teach you how you can lead the talent in your whole team. You will gain insight into how to build an innovative team by making the preferred styles in the creative process visible and developing appreciation in your team for their own preferred style and the other styles.

- Piloting Dilemmas to Equilibrium

This module offers you practise with recognising and dealing with polarities. You will explore polarity management as a method to integrate “and/and” thinking in your style of leadership.

- Inspiring Solution-oriented Mindsets

Bringing your team along in the creative breath and visualizing alternative options will help you and your team to solve the challenges that present themselves more productively and with confidence.

- Getting Interaction into Flow

This module focuses on interaction. It is based on the philosophy of ‘Deep Democracy’. You will learn to bring up differences from the undercurrent, to make all voices heard, and in doing so to use the wisdom of the whole group.

- Developing a Climate of Innovation

In this module you will learn how you can develop a climate in which creative change is stimulated. You will be provided techniques to help you thinking of new solutions that will positively influence the climate for innovation.

- Taking Charge of the Adoption of Change

This module focuses on routes you can deploy to purposefully steer on creating momentum and enthusiasm for the change. You will experience how you pro-actively take charge of letting the solution land and where you can use the creative mindset to speed up the process of adoption.

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