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Liz Monroe-Cook

Trainer Liz Monroe-Cook - School of Creative Thinking

Facilitating change and stability by using creative thinking feels like a natural home to Liz.

Liz’s passion for creative thinking has been given shape through many years of attending and leading at CPSI, the Creative Problem Solving Institute, hosted annually in Buffalo, New York. Facilitating change and stability by using creative thinking feels like a natural home to her.

In her work, Liz often blends the perspectives and tools of Creative Problem Solving, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and Polarity ThinkingTM to help clients with personal and professional growth, and with team and organisational effectiveness.

She is fascinated by group dynamics. She believes a group is more than a collection of individuals. Groups have their own habits and routines; they work and live in their own systems or cultures. Helping a group to build healthy relationships and achieve success is both challenging and rewarding. She is always looking for how to use the strengths and resources a group has at any given moment.

To help people get unstuck from ineffective patterns, Liz first emphasizes two acts of empathy: empathy for what people love and empathy for what they fear. Starting here, one can look at both interdependent sides of a challenge, move toward acting most often from the positive results of our  values (love) and reduce the amount of time spent in our fears.

Liz, Ph.D., is a consulting psychologist in independent practice. She has had a rich variety of work experiences, clients, and colleagues in the for-profit and non-profit worlds. She is completing her term as a trustee for the Creative Education Foundation’s Board of Directors, and will continue supporting the community of creativity practitioners in whatever ways she can.

Besides her facilitation and training work, Liz is a loyal supporter of arts.